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We buy stuff!

Struggling to raise funds for an army expansion, finance a new army or new games system or cover the annual price rise?

Turn your spare lead/plastic/resin pile into cash!

We buy GW models and armies within the UK (and also larger lots within the EU), contact us now for a free estimate. Please make sure you include painted/unpainted unassembled state!

Get an extra 5% for payment in webstore vouchers or an extra 10% for payment in goods, mix and match accepted.

Please bear in mind that we're a business with overheads, if you have good photography skills and lots of 'free' time you may be better off listing stuff on eBay yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: due to the effect of Age of Sigmar on the secondhand market, modern Warhammer Fantasy armies are being accepted on a commission basis rather than being bought outright.