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Merovingian Rapid Response Force Starter Pack

SKU: 280153-0342
Price: £31.50
List Price: £35.00

Pack Contents: 
3 Métros, 1 Zouave with Rifle, Assault Pistol & DEP, 1 Moblot with Rifle & Light Shotgun, 1 Para Commando with HMG.

As a powerful mobile force able to deploy from any of the bases camouflaged and spread throughout Merovingian territory, the FRRM is perfectly placed to respond to any threat, to protect Ariadnan interests or neutralize any danger from any point on the planet in a short space of time. Its aerial and ground units, working together perfectly, operating alone or side by side with their Ariadnan comrades, make the FRRM a powerful force.