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Infinity USAriadna Army Pack Preorder

SKU: 280007-0540LE
Price: £59.99
List Price: £69.99

Pack Contents: 
Ten metal USAriadna models, booklet, game mat, card terrain, dice and counters.

A new type of product from Corvus Belli, the USAriadna Army Pack introduces the USAriadna Sectorial Army to the game, with nine miniatures (ten for preorders!), Ariadnan dice, a playmat, card terrain and a full colour booklet containing the Sectorial Army list, Quick Start rules and three new missions.

Full contents list:

USAriadna Starter Pack:
3 x USAriadna Grunts
1 x Marauder
1 x Foxtrot Ranger
1 x Minuteman

Devil Dogs Teams, 2nd Assault Battalion of the USAMC
1 Devil Dog
1 K-9 Antipode

Mavericks, 9th Motorized Recon Bat. (USAriadna Army Pack exclusive figure):
1 Maverick and motorbike.

1 x Dismounted Maverick Girl (Exclusive for reserve orders)

Game Mat (paper)
3 Ariadna Dice
Markers & Templates
Introductory Rulebook in English and Spanish.

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