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USAriadna Grunts SWC Box

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Pack Contents: 
4 Grunts with HMG, Rifle & LGL, Rifle & HFT and Sniper Rifle.

'Sua sponte' (Of their own accord).
Historical US Army Rangers motto, adopted as a regimental motto by the USAriadna Grunts to signify the voluntary character of their unit.

Veteran sergeants tell a little tale of the peculiar way the first ever Grunt unit was gathered. As the story goes, the colonist Old Man Ross, a former Ranger commander, was worried about the increasingly bold Antipode incursions into his neighboring farms in
Franklin County. His old soldier nose told him the attacks would soon become unmanageable, so he resolved to take matters into his own hands. With unwavering determination, he went into The Blockhouse, the busiest bar in the county, and with vague promises of violent action and specific pro- mises of beer, he managed to recruit a bunch of dauntless young men.