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Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major with Vulkan Shotgun

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1 Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major with Vulkan Shotgun.

'We were encamped in the Tekiramis mountain range during the Miotnas insurrection, burning under an unrelenting sun and suffering strong artillery fire, when suddenly I saw Raktorak Wadek crossing the terrain separating my advance post from the rearguard positions. He ran, dodging explosions and sniper fire, with a medical cryogenic conservation box under his arm. After reaching me, he opened the box, asking: 'May I serve you some Nuboe liquor sir?' Inside the box there was a bottle with its unbroken seal of origin and a glass, both conveniently chilled. Amazed, I told him: 'Raktorak Wadek, I can hardly believe it!'. 'Certainly sir,' -he answered- 'there was no Tancros juice left for mixing. A shame. I will have the logistician responsible for it whipped '. I have never enjoyed a drink as much as on that day.