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Unidron Batroids SWC Box

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Price: £24.29
List Price: £26.99

Pack Contents: 
4 Unidron Batroids with Plasma Sniper Rifle, K1 Combi Rifle, Missile Launcher and Spitfire.

When the EI requires soldiers, it does not bother to recruit them. It harvests them.

The bulk of the Ur armed forces that the EI used to jumpstart its campaign of conquest was comprised of Batroids, techno-organic units designed for action in hostile environments. In the Ur culture, the use of Batroids as operatives predates even the creation of the Evolved Intelligence, but the EI has been able to use them as a tactical resource to great effect. These sili- con-based/carbon-based hybrids are cultivated in rapid-growth plantations using a monitored pseudo-intelligent substrate. Their mind-structure is based on the neural pathways of the Ruaria, animals bred by ancient Ur as pets and hunting companions, but also for war and exploration. Ruaria were highly appreciated for their courage and unwavering loyalty.