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Haqqislam Support Pack

SKU: 280461-0413
Price: £19.80
List Price: £22.00

Pack Contents: 
1 Ghulam Doctor, 1 Najjarun Engineer & 2 Nasmat Servants.

New release! Yes, you have read correctly: New release! This box contains a not only the previously released Nasmat Remotes but also a re-sculpt of the Ghulam Doctor and the Najjarun Engineer. A long time has passed since their release and CB thinks they deserve a new sculpt which fits better with the current quality standards of the company, and we are sure we have reached it with these figures!

'No one left behind!' In armies such as Haqqislam's, where the individual is valued as the greatest of weapons, and where there is a lower availability of technological resources, each soldier and each piece of equipment counts, so Support Troops are vital.