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Nomads Support Pack

SKU: 280554-0354
Price: £20.69
List Price: £22.99

Pack Contents: 
1 Daktari Doctor, 1 Clockmaker Engineer & 2 Zondbot Servants.

A new kind of compilation box specially designed by CB for new players. Thinking ahead to the upcoming Campaign rules and missions in which they will be very useful, the Support Packs comprise Doctors, Engineers and their G: Servant Remotes. The Nomads version of this comes with the Clockmaker, a Daktari and their reliable Zondbots. However, the Nomad version is different, as the Daktari model is a new sculpt, never released before. If you don't like the previous pin-up version of the Daktari (how dare you!) here you have a more dynamic one!

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