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Operation Icestorm Battle Pack

SKU: 280006-0485
Price: £65.99
List Price: £75.00

Pack Contents: 
PANOCEANIA: 3 x Fusiliers, 1 x Svalarheima Nisses, 1 x ORC Troop, 1 x Akalis Sikh Commando, 1 x Military Order Father-Knight, , NOMADS: 3 x Alguaciles, 1 x Grenzer, Grenz Security Team, 1 x Mobile Brigada, 1 x Spektr, 1 x Reverend Healer, OTHER: Game Mat, 3 PanO Dice, 3 Nomads Dice, Scenery, Ruler, Markers & Templates, Introductory Rulebook, Note that this is not a pre-order set and does NOT include the exclusive Corporate Security Unit model.

Infinity's Operation: Icestorm is a totally new product in the Infinity catalogue. A box containing 14 miniatures belonging to two different armies, an introductory rulebook, scenery, dice, Operation: Icestorm has everything you need to start collecting Infinity or complete your collection!