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Neoterra Bolts SWC Box Set

SKU: 280271-0466
Price: £22.50
List Price: £25.00

Pack Contents: 
4 Neoterra Bolts including Missile Launcher, Spitfire, MULTI Sniper Rifle and Hacker.

'Percute et Percute Velociter' (Strike and Strike Swiftly), motto of the Neoterra Bolts Regiment.

Did you think PanOceania has kept its leading place on the hierarchy of power for years thanks to fancy diplomats with silver tongues and warm smiles? Think again. PanOceania is nothing more than the biggest and meanest bully in the schoolyard. The Hyperpower is still perched in the top because it is constantly defending its position, browbeating anyone that poses a half-credible threat.