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Kerail Preceptor Box

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Pack Contents: 
1 Kerail Preceptor, 1 Mutan SymbioBeast and 1 Surda SymbioBeast.

Profile: Perhaps the oldest profession in Tohaa history is that of Preceptor. These are practitioners of Corahtar pheromonal discipline who have devoted their skills to commanding symbiotic creatures to carry out physical tasks.

In the distant past, Corahtar was a widespread discipline in rural areas, where self-taught Preceptors traditionally relied on their innate pheromonal skills for animal husbandry. As Tohaa society embraced industrialization, this approach was progressively abandoned. Technology made trained beasts redundant for most purposes, but the practice of Corahtar never disappeared. Instead, honed to professional standards, these abilities were repurposed for specialized auxiliary occupations such as emergency services, surveying, animal research, law enforcement and, naturally, military applications.