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Kosuil Assault Pioneers Boarding Shotgun

SKU: 280926-0587
Price: £9.45
List Price: £10.50

Pack Contents: 
1 Kosuil Assault Pioneer with Boarding Shotgun and Panzerfaust.

Profile: When a society enters into a war of attrition that rages on for years consuming all the resources of its economy, it begins to feels that options dwindle at the same rate as assets come in. In these cases, there is little will to dedicate part of the diminishing resources to maintaining burdens, like keeping military criminals and felons locked up for years. The Trident's solution was the creation of penal regiments that could make use of the scum and unworthy soldiers so they could do something good for the society that they had let down, and to rehabilitate them —in the hypothetical case that they survive, of course.

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