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Rasail Boarding Team

SKU: 280920-0510
Price: £26.99
List Price: £29.99

Pack Contents: 
1 Rasail with Combi Rifle, 1 Rasail with Spitfire and 2 Chaksa Perifericals with Heavy Flamethrowers.

Profile: The Rasail Team is one of the most accomplished boarding units in the Tohaa Armada. They are embedded in the armed intercession groups of the Tohaa Naval Infantry equivalent, stationed on the Errant Ships and their auxiliary fleet. The corps was founded, in the midst of the Wars against the Fenrig Imperative, by Colonel Haal Noovan, a decidedly over-the-top character who would have made an excellent pirate captain had he been born in the prior millennium. Colonel Noovan led the boarding teams of the legendary ship Pride of Baalgar, which spearheaded the Tohaa counter-offensive against the Imperative forces in the Dinnea cluster.