45th Highlander Rifles Box


Box with:

1x HIGHLANDER (Chain Rifle)
1x HIGHLANDER (Boarding Shotgun)

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“Scots, you bled for Wallace! Scots, you followed the Bruce! Charge now into your bloody deathbeds or into victory!”

Captain Craig Munro. Loch Kirkshaig Battle. Ariadnan Commercial Conflicts.

A regiment of frenzied Scottish Warriors, devastating in hand-to-hand combat. As assault troops, Galwegians represent the Caledonian stereotype to a tee: burly, prodigiously strong, broad-shouldered and uncouth. Soldiers in each platoon of the 45th often share the same surname and prefer to be led by an officer of their Clan or family, so the tartan patterns serve as a sort of identifying uniform. Extremely proud and with an intense sense of honor, a Galwegian will fight and kill for the smallest of perceived slights. They are notorious for their extravagant taste in weapons—they favor large, unwieldy swords—and their inhuman resistance to the rigors of hunger, cold and fatigue. Too unruly to join the Caledonian regular forces and too impatient to join the SAS, Forty-Fivers prefer to charge straight towards the enemy for good old face-to-face carnage.

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