Daktari (Doctor)


Blister with:

1x DAKTARI (Pistol)

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[Quick access: Daks are the field doctors of the Nomad Military Force.]

Dak, short for Daktari, means ‘doctor’ in Swahili. This codename for the medics of the Nomad Military Force dates back to the very formation of the Nomad Nation. Apparently, a Corregidorian medical association of dubious reputation offered to serve a tour in the newly created Nomad Military Force as a loophole to avoid the legal consequences of an infamous patient contamination case. These doctors were subjected to a barebones combat training program and sent to their new posts across the many open fronts of the Phantom Conflict. Unaccustomed to battle protocol, they shared an inclination to yell insults and obscenities in their mother tongue while patching up soldiers under the crossfire. This characteristic string of expletives became a sort of calming mantra to the injured, who knew themselves saved the moment they heard Swahili swearwords. To honor this tradition, all Nomad Daks have adopted Swahili as a sort of shared battle language.

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