Usariadna Ranger Force Sectorial Starter Pack


Box with:

3x GRUNT (Rifle)
1x MINUTEMAN (2 Light Flamethrowers)
1x FOXTROT (Rifle)
1x MARAUDER (Heavy Flamethrower)

Buy two Infinity items, get the cheapest for 50%. Excludes MAS tokens.

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The task of the Ariadnan colonists of American ancestry was to explore and colonize the territories to the East on the planet Dawn.

Faced with a hostile planet and the bloody offensives of the Antipode aliens, the USAriadnans have managed to survive and to found a country based on American ideals and traditions. Now they seek their own path within the Ariadnan coalition, defying the new threats that arrive from the Human Sphere.

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Weight 140 g
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