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In Yu Jing society those of Japanese ethnic origin are considered second rate citizens. In addition to this, the Nipponese social subgroup has a strict hierarchy, so the members of its lower classes have a very poor standard of living. For these people, the best way to move up the social ladder is to serve in the StateEmpire Army. The army has regiments (Butai) consisting exclusively of Nipponese, both from the Japanese islands on Earth and from Kuraimori, on Shentang. The troops that make up these regiments are called Keisotsu, which in Japanese is a title of the greatest honor meaning “excellent soldier”. However, the StateEmpire Army uses the Keisotsu Butai in the front line, where the action is always dangerous and the mortality rate very high. Although it hasn’t been confirmed by the Party, the figures for the average life expectancy of the Keisotsu recruits sent to a “hot” area are terrifyingly low. The danger, however, has its reward: the honor of serving the StateEmpire and the social improvement possible for those who prove their courage and commitment.

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