Micro Art Studio Infinity Tokens


Tokens are vital for keeping track of trooper statuses in Infinity. Hardwearing printed acrylic tokens from Micro Art Studio.

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Micro Art Studio tokens are official Infinity tokens.

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Token Type

Albedo (15mm), Battle Ravaged (15mm), Burnt (15mm), Camo Azar 1 (25mm), Camo Azar 2 (25mm), Camo Azar 3 (25mm), Camo Azar 4 (25mm), Camo Azar 5 (25mm), Camo Metro 1 (25mm), Camo Metro 1 (40mm – big!), Camo Metro 2 (25mm), Camo Metro 2 (40mm – big!), Camo Metro 3 (25mm), Camo Metro 3 (40mm – big!), Camo Metro 4 (25mm), Camo Metro 5 (25mm), Camo Paradiso 1 (25mm), Camo Paradiso 2 (25mm), Camo Paradiso 3 (25mm), Camo Paradiso 4 (25mm), Camo Paradiso 5 (25mm), Command Token (15mm), NEW! Datapack (15mm), Decontaminated (25mm), Disabled (15mm), Disconnected (15mm), DUO Leader (15mm), E/Mauler (25mm), Enhanced Reaction (15mm), ENOMOTARCHOS Leader (15mm), EVO: Kaleidoscope (15mm), EVO: Overclock (15mm), EVO: Reboot (15mm), EVO: TeamPro (15mm), NEW! Extremely Impetuous Order (15mm), Fairy Dust (15mm), Foxhole (15mm), Haris L1 (15mm old wording), HARIS Leader (15mm), Holoecho Green 1 (25mm), Holoecho Green 2 (25mm), Holoecho Yellow 1 (25mm), Holoecho Yellow 2 (25mm), Immobilized 1 (15mm), Immobilized 2 (15mm), Impersonator 1 (25mm), Impersonator 2 (25mm), Impetuous Order (15mm), Irregular Order (15mm), Isolated (15mm), Lieutenant Order (15mm), Marksmanship 2 (15mm), Mines (Normal) (25mm), Mines Monofilament (25mm), Mines Viral (25mm), Nullifier (25mm), Possessed (15mm), Possessed (25mm), Power Up 1 (15mm), Power Up 2 (15mm), Prone (15mm), Proxy Active (15mm), Proxy Active (25mm), Regular Order Blue (15mm), Regular Order Green (15mm), Regular Order Orange (15mm), Repeater (25mm), Retreat (15mm), Seed-Embryo (25mm), Sepsitorized (15mm), Sniffer (25mm), Spawn-Embryo (25mm), Spearhead (15mm), Stand By (15mm), Stunned (15mm), Supportware (15mm), Suppression Fire (50x25mm), Suppressive Fire (15mm), Symbiont Inactive (15mm), Targeted (15mm), TEAM Leader (15mm), Tinbot A (25mm), Tinbot B (25mm), TO Camo Blue 1 (25mm), TO Camo Blue 1 (40mm – big!), TO Camo Blue 1 (55mm – very big!), TO Camo Blue 2 (25mm), TO Camo Blue 2 (40mm – big!), TO Camo Blue 3 (25mm), TO Camo Blue 3 (40mm – big!), TO Camo Blue 4 (25mm), TO Camo Blue 5 (25mm), TO Camo Purple 1 (25mm), TO Camo Purple 2 (25mm), TO Camo Purple 3 (25mm), TO Camo Purple 4 (25mm), TO Camo Purple 5 (25mm), TO Camo Yellow 1 (25mm), TO Camo Yellow 2 (25mm), TO Camo Yellow 3 (25mm), TO Camo Yellow 4 (25mm), TO Camo Yellow 5 (25mm), Transmuted (15mm), TRIAD Leader (15mm), Unconscious (15mm), Unloaded (15mm), Unloaded (25mm), Valor L2 Dogged (15mm), Valor L3 NWI (15mm), Wide Gate, Wound 1 (15mm), Wound 2 (15mm), Wound 2 (25mm)