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3x Line Kazaks (Rifle)
1x TankHunter (AP Rifle)
1x Veteran Kazak (AP Rifle)
1x Scout (Boarding Shotgun)
1x Armata-2 Proyekt “Ratnik” (Heavy Shotgun, HRL, Trench Hammer)

3x Dakini Tacbots (Combi Rifle)
1x Shukra Consultant (Boarding Shotgun)
1x Yadu Trooper (MULTI Rifle)
1x Deva Functionary (Combi Rifle)
1x Naga (MULTI Sniper Rifle)

Limited Edition Figure exclusive for pre-orders:
1x Wardriver, Mercenary Hacker

1x DAWN-02 APLEKTON Scenery Pack
1x Markers & Templates cardboard sheet
1x Full-color 92 page “Operation:Coldfront” booklet
3x Ariadna themed dice
3x ALEPH themed dice

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On the frozen steppes of Dawn, ALEPH has deployed one of her forward bases to fight against the Combined Army invaders. However, the Ariadnans suspect that it is just the first stage of a plot of the AI to increase her influence over their planet, and they will not allow that!

Infinity’s Operation: Coldfront is a totally new product in the Infinity catalogue available this September. A box containing 14 miniatures belonging to two different armies, an introductory rulebook, scenery, dice… Operation: Coldfront has everything you need to start collecting Infinity or complete your collection!

Operation: Coldfront contains two totally new and re-sculpted Starter Packs of two different factions: Ariadna and ALEPH. It also includes two exclusive miniatures, one per faction, only available in this Battle Pack.

To complete the game experience, the Battle Pack includes ready-to-play cardboard scenery (four buildings and six containers), a Game Mat, six twenty-sided dice (three with an Ariadna design and three with an ALEPH design), as well as cardboard markers, templates and a ruler – everything you need to start playing!

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